12/11/2014 –

Effective May 21, 2014, visa applicants using a proxy to present documents on their behalf at the Consulate will no longer be charged the additional fee of USD 20.00.
All aplicants must properly fulfill the online visa application form (https://scedv.serpro.gov.br/frscedv/index.jsp) and write the below information exactly as written in their passports:
A) full name; and
B) date of birth.
Applicants for visas VITEM I, VI, V, and other types of long stay visas (more than 30 calendar days) shall complete carefully the name of their parents (father and mother) as well as their passport number.
After submitting the visa application at the Consulate, applicants will not be able to do any changes in their visa application forms. If need be, eventual corrections will only be made after a new payment of a visa fee.

14/07/2014 –

Please be advised that visa appointments are only made online. The availability of slots for appointments depends on the time of the year. The current timeframe for finding available slots is around 2 months.

You can only request a visa appointment through the online scheduling system, but there are two ways to do it :

( 1 ) you can schedule it yourself; or
( 2 ) you can hire the services of a visa agency (private company ) that does the whole process for you, including the online scheduling.

The online scheduling system has specific slots for individuals and visa agencies, because agencies usually have a very large volume of requests. Although the demand for visas is high, sometimes agencies have available slots on earlier dates. You have the option to contact a visa agency and check the date on which the agency will be able to schedule your appointment.

Another way of trying to schedule your appontiment on an earlier date is by accessing the online appointment system every night, because there are people who cancel their appointments and their respective slots become vacant. This is a continuous process and if you keep trying you may find available slots earlier in time.

For more information on visas, please click here.