Brazilian IT companies expect to increase their exports this year due to the recovery of the US economy and local currency devaluation, which has made their products more competitive. In 2012, the Brazilian software and IT service exports totaled US$ 2.2 billion, 14.67% higher than in 2011, according to the survey published by the IDC and Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES). In 2013, analysts estimate that Brazilian exports increased between 12% and 14%.

“For this year, we should repeat the same performance as last year and export growth will exceed domestic market rates”, said Jorge Sukarie, Abes CEO. The IDC forecasts a growth of 9.2% for the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector this year.

The main markets for Brazilian software exports are Mexico, with a 14.1% share, Colombia (7.7%), the United States (7%) and Argentina (6.3%). The US accounts for almost 39% of the IT market and it is one of the main destinations for Brazilian exports, especially in the services area. Read the whole story here.