Wall Street reports Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff remains the clear front-runner to win re-election in October, according to a new poll, but many voters nonetheless say they want a clear change of direction.

A poll by the Ibope polling institute showed that Ms. Rousseff has reestablished a firm level of support that had been lost following mass street protests in the middle of last year, when millions Brazilians took street to demand an improvement in quality of life and better public services.

The Ibope poll showed that Ms. Rousseff does best in the most likely scenario, in which she would face Aecio Neves, of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party, or PSDB, and Eduardo Campos, of the Brazilian Socialist Party, or PSB, and governor of Pernambuco state.

In that event, 43% of respondents said they would vote for Ms. Rousseff, which would likely be enough to secure her a comfortable first-round win, according to the poll. Mr. Neves would secure 15% support, and Mr. Campos would come in third with just 7% support.

Despite the president’s comfortable position, pollsters say there is room for the picture to change. The first is a desire for change among many Brazilians and the other is that pollsters say the election campaign only really gets going once the campaigns take to the television with debates and advertising.

According to Ibope, 64% of respondents said yes when asked whether they wanted a major change of course by the next president.

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