As Brazil places more emphasis on its technology agenda, president Dilma Rousseff has brought in a new minister with a clear remit of defining priorities and delivering them fast.

The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MCTI) will now be headed up by economist Clélio Campolina, a former professor at the University of Minas Gerais and a specialist in economic development, with a PhD on the subject from the University of Rutgers in the United States.

When taking over from previous minister Marco Antonio Raupp on Monday (17), Campolina said president Rousseff had invited him to take up the job with the specific brief of giving continuity to the ongoing MCTI programs, but more importantly, create a project to drive economic growth through science and technology and boost the quality of Brazil’s output in that field.

“Brazil is in a hurry and has the ability to define and prioritize areas of technology and science that are critical to the transformation of the Brazilian business environment,” Campolina said.

“We need to have a big program [science and technology] program for Brazil, have a forward-looking vision and deliver fast,” he added.  Read the story here.