On Friday, Amazon started its first Latin American physical goods operation by selling Kindle devices to Brazilian consumers online. Previously, the launch of the Brazilian website in December 2012 only sold e-books.  Kindle devices were only sold through partnerships with local Brazilian retailers.  Three Kindle versions available for purchase on the Amazon Brazil website. The basic version (Wi-fi, 6-inch display) is available for R$299 ($125); the Kindle Paperwhite is retailing for R$480 ($200) and the Paperwhite 3G costs R$700 ($292) to Brazilian consumers.  This compares with the US prices of $69 for the most basic version of the Kindle, $119 for the Paperwhite model and $189 for the Paperwhite 3G.  In 2012, Amazon’s vice-president Alexandre Szapiro said that his challenge was to get Brazilians to read more by offering premium products at a lower price. Since its launch, Amazon Brazil boosted its e-book collection from 13,000 to 28,000 items at an average price tag of R$15 ($6), which can be purchased by any Kindle app user. The company also launched its Amazon Appstore in Brazil in November.