Boeing-articleLargeBrazil has recently bought 36 fighter jets from the Swedish company Saab. Brazil decided against Boeing in favor of Saab due to the cooperation agreed upon Saab and Brazils aerospace programs. It will not be until 2018 that Brazil will receive the full amount of the 36 fighter jets however, they did manage to purchase the jets for 4.5 billion dollars. Some blame the spying scandal over the US for Boeings failure to secure the deal.

Fugutive train robber Ronnie Biggsimg_panel_1387370760 made Brazil his home in 1974 after he fled from Britain. He profited from his fame for the incident as he published his book, “Odd Man Out,” while he was living large in Brazil. Biggs lived in Brazil till 2001 when he decided to return to the United Kingdoms. As soon as Biggs made it back to the UK he was rapidly sent back to jail, where he would spend the rest of his days. His ashes are apparently to be spread in the UK as well as in Brazil.



President Francois Hollande of France decided to fund a metro line in Sao Paolo. He realized the need and potential for the line apparently after he endured the city’s heavy traffic. The md
etro line will end up running from the airport to Sao Paolo’s city center, along with the added benefit of more job creation and even better relations with France. France sees the upcoming powerhouse of Brazil, that is why they are one of the biggest foreign investors in Brazil. The outlook for additional trade and investment between the two countries is very high as relations continue to improve.

7420521196_9199e13cce_z1-300x199Figures for OGX are due to be much better than in 2012 after an announcement stating that the number of barrels previously expected would triple. This is good news for OGX as the company had to file for bankruptcy last month and the future was grim for the company. This increase in the production of oil will help boost the company and refile their already low amount of resources. However, it is still to early to tell whether this will truly be an opportunity that will save the company from more failure.

Former U.S President Bill Clinton payed a visit to Brazil’s summit meeting1_clinton____01-300x200 in Rio, where Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was giving a speech. Rousseff stated that Brazil is the “land of opportunity” as she went on to describe the direct investments coming into the country. Up until 2012 Brazil has had an increase in its economy, however, more recently the economic boom has slowed down or even stopped. That is why critiques are bringing up recent events and issues in Brazil, which are in contrast to Rousseff’s statements.  Brazil has made great strides in its economy, but it still has a ways to go.


_71563753_evoqueDue to the boom in the number of cars on the road in Brazil, companies such as Jaguar and Land Rover are starting to move in. They plan on building a car plant in Brazil that can output 24,000 cars a year. This will also help the companies sales as they will not have to deal with high import tariffs when producing the cars locally. More jobs and more cars can be expected from this venture as Jaguar and Land Rover move deeper into a land of opportunity.


The US company Good Technology is starting up business in the Brazilian market. Good Technology is finding increasing opportunities in Brazil due to the growth in the use of personal devices. Due to Brazil’s vast market and emerging economy, the use of personal devices has grown along with the use of social media sites such as Facebook. This provides a good market for information security providers such as Good Technology. There are already ongoing talks between Good Technology and several Brazilian companies over contracts. Though no agreements have been made yet, the future seems to be bright for Good Technology in Brazil.