The Brazilian capital, Brasília, designed by the one of the greatest architect of the world, Oscar Niemeyer, is going to celebrate half a century on April 21st. The new city, located right in the middle of the country, in Central Plateau, started to be build in mid 1950´s, by then president Juscelino Kubitscheck, to be the new Brazilian capital. Built in under four years, Brasília was a dream for many Brazilians who thought the country should have its capital inland, not in the coat as was Rio de Janeiro´s case. Today, Brasília has nearly 3m inhabitants, where the empty spaces of barren land are becoming more and more scarce. Since 1960, the city has turned into a giant, still rapidly expanding. The evidence is in the landscape which, when seen from above, reveals the diversity of Brasília and the Federal District. The urban centre of the capital today is a mosaic of cultures from all over Brazil.