When it comes to save the environment, Brazilians are doing their best to make their country an example of good practices. Eighty-five percent of its electricity comes from renewable sources, and it’s a top producer of environmentally sensitive products like vegetable-dyed leather and Amazonian cocoa butter. Despite the 2009 financial downturn, Brazil had the second fastest clean energy investment growth rate among G-20 members. Recently, at the inauguration of the Usina Termelétrica Juiz de Fora – the world’s first ethanol-run thermal electric plant-, a Brazilian minister said: “We are paving the way for an increase in our ethanol exports, which are currently at 4.5% of Brazil’s total output, and towards becoming the world’s leading renewable energy producer.” Regarding the destruction of the Amazon Forest, there are still many problems, but the current and the former (Fernando Henrique Cardoso was the President) governments have taken many iniciatives to reduce the deforestation. Now, as says a New York Times´s article, “tourism is also going green, with a wide array of new conservation initiatives and eco-lodges proliferating across the country”.