In a move to attract more foreign visitors to the country, to give a boost to its tourism, Brazil´s Tourist Board – Embratur – has just made a partnership with Google. The aim is to produce a Google/YouTube brand channel, combining videos and Google maps, to provide an interactive online Brazilian tourism experience. Americans are the main target. That´s the first partnership of its kind in the world. The site – – currently features nearly a 100 videos from the most amazing places in Brazil. Though the country has an enormous touristic potential, the trend in the number of inbound tourists has been erratic, but unquestionably upwards. Arrivals have risen from 4.7million in 2001 to 7.2million in 2008. The decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to award the 2016 games to Rio de Janeiro is the latest positive development for the Brazilian tourism industry. Brazil is also going to host the 2014 World Cup. The country´s authorites expect that, by then, the number of tourists will have increased to around 10 million.