Brazilians were caught by surprise by Ronaldo´s announcement that he will quit professional football in 2011, when his contract with Corinthians expires, three years before the World Cup in Brazil. Ronaldo, who will be 35 years old by then, is a heroe for many young people in the country. He began his career at Cruzeiro, in Minas Gerais, and played for the more powerful clubs around the world: PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Corinthians. He was top scorer of the Korea-Japan World Cup and three times FIFA World Player. ‘I am decided. I had not spoken before about the issue. I signed for two years and they will be the last of my career. The Phenomenon, as he is called by Brazilians, still holds hope of being in South Africa but not in Brazil 2014: ‘It’s something that still could happen, it will be impossible for the next one, as it is a long and time passes to everyone, including me.”