Brasília –   The  Ministry of Extenal Relations of Brazil designated yesterday Mr. Pedro Augusto Leite Costa, a Brazilian entrepreneur of Seattle, Washington, the Honorary Consul of Brazil. Mr. Costa, 53 years old, will work under the jurisdiction of the Brazilian San Francisco’s Consulate and will be responsible for the Brazilian affairs in the state of Washington.

Mr. Costa is  based in Seattle, in the center of a dynamic, diverse and vibrant region, that is more tied to the international economy than any other in the United States. It´s seen as a gateway for today-and tomorrow’s- global economy. Its depth in key industry clusters, such as aerospace, biotechnology and life sciences, information technology, clean technology, and logistics and international trade. Seattle means lots of business opportunities both for Americans and Brazilians entrepreneurs.

Founder and CEO of The Information Company, one of the leading PR companies in São Paulo, Brazil, and Seattle, USA, he comes from a traditional business family in Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais, in the Southeast of the country. There, he graduated in Communications from the Universidade Federal – UFMG – and became a journalist devoted to economic issues.

His talent, wit and intellect took him to the much more sophisticated market of São Paulo, where he worked for several of Brazil´s most important newspapers, radio stations and magazines. He also spent a year in London, where he had the opportunity to work for the BBC as a stringer and wrote many articles, mainly on the United Kingdom and Europe, for the Brazilian media.

Before getting back to Brazil, Mr. Costa travelled widely, especially around Europe. Between 2000 and 2004, he was head of PR for 150 exhibitions around the globe, taking care of events like Brazil – 500 Years – The Rediscovering Exhibition, Xi’an Warriors, Picasso etc. In the United States, he led two important business missions between the two countries, bringing together hundreds of business, politicians and diplomatas from both countries.

Mr. Costa became one of the foremost PR specialists in business communication, especially in the Brazilian economic and financial systems. Aware that relations between Brazil and United States were bound to become more meaningful for both countries, he idealized an enterprise to bring them commercially together. This is how The Information Company was born.

With offices in both countries, TIC has a history of success with business developments, public relations and partnerships in Brazil and the United States. It develops strategic actions to establish commercial relations bilaterally in order to promote business opportunities for companies and organizations. And there is no better time to do business in Brazil than now, when the country is booming, full of unique opportunities in so many sectors.

Last year, Mr. Costa changed the profile of his company towards the Web 2.0, transforming the business into an information aggregator in order to provide meaningful information and relevant stories to media, bloggers, analysts and influencers.

Mr. Costa works as a press and business adviser in Brazil and the United States, China, Japan, Europe and South America extensively for Brazilian banks, insurance companies, law firms, assets management and IT organizations. More recently, he has been working as a documenter in the United States, making series for the Brazilian TV.

Married with two young daughters, he lives in Seattle and Sao Paulo.