Many people would say no, Brazil is not a slave-ocratic country anymore. It left  slavery behind more than a 100 years ago. Precisely in 1888, when Brazilians were forbidden by law to keep slaves.  But many other people would  say yes, in many ways this is a slave-ocratic society. One of those to think so is the former governor of Brasília, Brazil´s capital, Senator Cristovam Buarque (PDT).  He says that although we no longer accept the selling and imprisonment of human beings or condemning them to forced labor, we condemn millions to unemployment or to humiliating work due to lack of training. “We are slave-ocrats when we allow the differentiation of the schools according to the income of a child’s family, differentiation as severe as that of the lives in the Manor House and the Slave Quarters. We are slave-ocrats because we have still not undertaken the distribution of knowledge, a decisive instrument for liberty”, says he.