This is an invitation for you to explore a great opportunity to equip
your students to differentiate from others by combining their degree
with an international education experience. Students of many fields of
knowledge will significantly enhance their college experience both
academically and culturally by participating in the Study Abroad program in Brazil.

The program is well known as CIB – Cultural Immersion in Brazil
organized by COPEC â?” Council of Researches in Education and Sciences located in BRAZIL. COPEC and its CIB team has dedicated the last ten years offering education experiences to many colleges groups from many different countries.

Recognized by its value and richness this program affords students the
opportunity to engage in a unique, credit-worthy learning experience and to develop as global citizens. The program will provide students with a chance to explore history, social and political aspects as well as
meeting people of another land and, in the process, gain a competitive
edge in the employment marketplace. The students will learn about
themselves and the global world, have opportunities to meet and network with new people, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

No matter the field of expertise many graduate schools and potential
employers seek candidates with international experience because they
believe such students have the skills to succeed in a global world.

If you get interested in provide your students a study abroad do not
hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with all the information
about dates, costs, certificates and etc.

Prof. Dr. Melany Ciampi
Vice President of COPEC
Council of Researches in Education and Sciences
Phone: +55-13-3227.1898
Fax: +55-13-3227.1998